Prepare for surgery and recover faster.

“Let me help you increase the odds of a great surgical outcome to live your best life”.

 – Carol Armitage.


Hi I’m Carol Armitage, an experienced Pre-Op Coach and Rehab physio.

Surgery can be a big decision. But once you have made the call to proceed, there is often a waiting period which you could use constructively.

I can help you get prepared and get in shape – give me a call. I will work alongside your medical team and specialist to reduce the risks and increase the odds of a great outcome.

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How does preparing for surgery in a transformative way using diet, exercise and mental preparation tools sound to you?

Would you like to feel you can rehabilitate at home with confidence?

Control what is in your control with easily achievable, small steps that you can do right now, today.

Artificial Joints

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This year I stopped golf because anything physical had become too difficult due to pain in my hip. After a successful hip replacement, I was walking past the scales and weighed myself. My weight and waist measurement were both much more than I realised. Working with Carol who gave very good dietary advice and some suitable exercises, within 4 weeks I had dropped 7 kgs and my waist is down 6 cm. I have only had 3 low carb beers in 4 weeks. I am very happy with the results and I am working on getting back into golf and enjoying it again.

Bill S.

Thank you for your expertise and professionalism. I would definitely refer you to anyone who wanted to do physiotherapy from home.

Jacqui C.

“While recovering at home for knee replacement surgery, I got the opportunity to try out the cold compression knee support from Carol. What a great product. Not only did it greatly help reduce swelling I had in both knee and lower leg when using, but combined with knee joint support it offered while walking and exercising made a huge impact on pain and discomfort that knee joint surgery came with. Love this product, easy to use and recommend to all facing knee surgery recovery. A BIG THUMBS UP FROM ME”


I work under an ethical code of practice
following the code of rights and responsibilities.

With your consent, I will become a part of your medical crew to be guided by your Surgeon and doctors for complete transparency.

My goal is to support you get into the best shape physically, mentally and emotionally, whatever the surgery.

Artificial Joints

Artificial Joints

Whether you are to undergo a hip, knee shoulder or Joint replacement procedure, Surgery coach can help get you prepared and recovered. Ideally, good preparation is the key.
If you have had your surgery and are needing some more assistance – Surgery coach is here to help.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Attn: Primary Care Doctors

When discussing surgery with your patients, you may like to mention pre-operative coaching along with the Specialist referral. Your patients can contact us directly to know what they can do to get prepared. There may be specific exercises they can do or simply have an exercycle ready at home or check they have rails where needed. 

General Surgery

General Surgery

Surgery coach can help you to prepare both mentally and physically for general surgery such as urology procedures or reconstructive surgery. Your surgeon may advise you to lose a few kilograms or get yourself fitter prior to surgery. What does this look like for you?
We are here to help develop a plan of action and keep you accountable with small achievable steps to make it easier.

Free Resources

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The Big Deal in Diet Prior to Surgery is Protein

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