I’m Carol

Carol began her career as a physiotherapist, raising a family, gaining two post graduate diplomas and becoming an internationally published author. She has a wealth of ‘hands on’ experience, and underwent a literal sea change when she moved to live beside the sea with her partner in beautiful Northland, New Zealand. Carol is a PreKure™ certified health coach and has honed her wisdom and skill to create an individually tailored online coaching and physiotherapy programme.

Surgery Coach started as an idea that virtual coaching could be used to prepare people for their best surgical outcome. Modern digital platforms provide secure ways to really connect on a personal level and also provide group interaction so people can support each other undergoing similar procedures.

Surgery Coach removes the hassle of travel, the waiting room boredom, and other needless expenses. In the privacy of your own home, surgerycoach.net offers professional support for your needs for optimal surgical preparation and rehabilitation.

Surgery Coach is required to work within an ethical code of practice following a code of rights and responsibilities. With your consent, I will become a part of your medical team to be guided by your surgeon and doctor for complete transparency.


APC of Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy NZ
PreKure Certified Health Coach

Published Books

Power of Posture
Posture Power for Women

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