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This year I stopped golf because anything physical had become too difficult due to pain in my hip. After a successful hip replacement, I was walking past the scales and weighed myself. My weight and waist measurement were both much more than I realised. Working with Carol who gave very good dietary advice and some suitable exercises, within 4 weeks I had dropped 7 kgs and my waist is down 6 cm. I have only had 3 low carb beers in 4 weeks. I am very happy with the results and I am working on getting back into golf and enjoying it again.

Bill S.

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Thank you for your expertise and professionalism. I would definitely refer you to anyone who wanted to do physiotherapy from home.

Jacqui C.

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Product Review

"While recovering at home for knee replacement surgery, I got the opportunity to try out the cold compression knee support from Carol. What a great product. Not only did it greatly help reduce swelling I had in both knee and lower leg when using, but combined with knee joint support it offered while walking and exercising made a huge impact on pain and discomfort that knee joint surgery came with. Love this product, easy to use and recommend to all facing knee surgery recovery. A BIG THUMBS UP FROM ME"...... Rosemary.

Health Coaching

Health coaching uses coaching skills to work and support you to achieve your life and health goals, which in this case is the best possible outcome after surgery.

Coaching packages are tailored to suit. The way it works is that you and I have an initial conversation around the type of surgery and whether you are waiting for surgery or recovering at home. From there we can discuss your areas of concern and consider if we will work well together.

STEP 1: The plan will be created and agreed on and I will contact your surgeon or medical team to let them know what we are going to do.

STEP 2: A package of care is offered to you to suit your time frame, needs and budget. The cost is upfront, and the appointments are scheduled to suit.

STEP 3: Participate in the program. At the end of the programme, the results and data are yours and can be sent to your Doctor and Surgeon if you would like.

Basic Support

  • 3-6 weeks of 1 on 1 hourly sessions, 1x per week.
  • $100 plus GST per week.​

Value Support

  • 3-6 weeks of 1 on 1 hourly sessions, 1x per week.
  • 3- 6 “coffee dates” of 20 mins to go over exercises, dietary queries or concerns.
  • $140 plus GST per week.

Premium Support

  • 6 weeks of 1 on 1 hourly sessions, 1x per week.
  • 12 “coffee dates” of 20 mins to go over exercises, dietary queries or concerns.
  • 6 group sessions of 1 hour with similar clients to discuss concerns and share the experience.
  • $250 plus GST per week.


Physiotherapy sessions follow protocols as set out by your surgeon and guided by me, a New Zealand Registered Physiotherapist. If you are unsure about your exercises or concerned about movement vs rest and recovery, you can contact me to discuss your situation. I will ensure you are doing exactly what is needed both correctly and safely.

Whether you have medical insurance cover, are under ACC, or are a private client, you will be in good hands. I have been a physiotherapist for 30+ years and use this experience to guide you well through your recovery.

I can recommend specific equipment for you, e.g. ice packs, supportive braces or therapeutic exercise products. You can find them in my shop here.

I may recommend specific equipment, e.g. ice or wraps. You can find them in my shop here.

Physiotherapy Shop

I have a range of products that can be useful when you are recovering from surgery. If you have any queries please contact surgery coach.